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Edited -Sal Zerilli writes, “Awesome Gloucester is excited to announce that The Fish Workers Mural at Ocean Crest Seafoods is finished. A short documentary about the inspiration and making of the piece will follow in the weeks ahead.

The following organizations and people all need to be acknowledged for making the project possible:

– Awesome Gloucester
– Ocean Crest Seafoods
– Studio Fresh
– Ann Molloy
– Allison Mueller
– Sal Zerilli
– Kyle White
– Griffin Francis
– Cape Ann Art Haven
– Persistent Productions

This project has been in the works – in some form or fashion – for years. We are full of gratitude for all the generous souls who have worked to complete it.

To all the people who have earned a living working on fish in Gloucester, this project is for you!

This is an outreach initiative of Awesome Gloucester. We commissioned Studio Fresh to create original art to honor people who have made a living working on fish on land. Studio Fresh is awesome, but it’s important to know that Awesome Gloucester hired them to execute our group’s vision and plan. Thank you for sharing news of the mural!”

Beautiful mural at Ocean Crest Seafoods on Commercial Street, created by Studio Fresh. For more information about Studio Fresh, visit their website here: Studio Fresh