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New Video: Mayor Kirk and Sefatia Building Bridges for Gloucester

Thank you Mayor Kirk and Sefatia for your tireless dedication to our beloved Gloucester and all her citizens, and thank you for making all of us proud to call this beautiful city by the sea our home.

Visit Mayor Kirk’s website to learn why your Choice Matters. 

City Councilor At-large Sefatia Romeo Thekan and her commares helped raise funds to benefit the Hoyt Foundation by cooking for Jack Ventola and his employees at National Fish & Seafood.

Mayor Carolyn Kirk joined Sefatia and commares, meeting with fishing industry advocates Congressman John Tierney and State Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante. Wicked Tuna Captain Dave Carraro and First Mate Paul Hebert stopped by to share lunch.

Filmed at National Fish & Seafood on March 25, 2012.

Music ~ Fritto Misto, Don Pietro