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A huge heartfelt thanks to my friend Rick Roth. Rick is the executive director and is one of the founders of Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team. In addition to the many activities and demonstrations conducted by CAVPT, he and his organization give tours all around at Cape Ann’s vernal ponds. I needed footage of frog’s eggs for my pond documentary and knew just the person to contact. Rick met me at Stillington Pond, a vernal pond in an old quarry adjacent to Ravenswood. Just as Rick had said on the phone, he easily located  a cluster of Wood Frog’s eggs at the edge of the pond. Rick pointed out salamander eggs as well.

Wood Frog’s Eggs

The temporary nature of vernal ponds often belies their importance. Countless plants and animals live in vernal ponds. Insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals visit to drink, feed, breed and nest. Some species, such as spotted salamanders, wood frogs and fairy shrimp are totally dependent on this habitat. – from the CAVPT Spring 2023 newsletter

Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team is a stellar organization. Please think about becoming a member and signing up for the CAVPT email blasts and newsletters. This is a great time of year to go on one of the early evening field trips. All ages are welcome, especially kids 🙂 Rick typically conducts several a week at this time of year. FREE to all!

There are different membership levels starting at only $20.00. To learn more about Cape Ann’s vernal ponds, how you can support CAVPTeam’s efforts, and read the hot-off-the-press spring 2023 newsletter, go here –

Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team