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Update on Professor Gandhi

Professor Gandhi shares about his recent trip to India ~

Group photo of BNC_low_res

“As I mentioned in the other email to you, I spent about 5 weeks in India (Dec 18-Jan 22); it was a very productive trip.

I gave 10 talks in different colleges in different parts of India. Except for 2 talks (each for 20 minutes), the other 8 talks ranged from 2 to 4 hours. Six of these talks were on sustainability and the remaining four were general in Botany. The attendees were pleased.
I also gave a 3-day workshop on plant names (Jan 11-13), which was organized at Kolkata by the Botanical Survey of India, Government of India. This was the first of its kind held in India.  90+ people (professors and botanists) attended the workshop.  They all received certificates of attendance. During those 3-day workshop, I gave 16 hour talk/discussion on plant names, which was well-received.”