Save Salt Island Friends Jayne and Andy write,

Hello protectors of Salt Island,

The agenda for the Conservation Commission meeting tonight, Wednesday April 20th, has been updated and the proponents of RDA-1703 Salt Island have requested a continuance to May 4, 2022.  The administrative record for this application has also been moved from April 20, 2022 to May 4, 2022.

Andy and I are still planning to attend to observe the vote of the request for continuation, but based on all of the past meetings, it will likely pass.  We are letting you know since your time is valuable and it would be unfortunate to have you attend unnecessarily.  Of course, if you still want to attend… GREAT!  We will continue to watch for any changes to the application between now and May 5th.

Thank you again for your patience and perseverance.

Warm regards,

Jayne and Andy

Martignetti’s plan drawing for Salt Island McMansion (Martignetti Family now called Salt Island LLC)



  1. Nancy Shaw

    Thank you Kim for letting us know about the cancellation meeting for Salt island. Is nothing sacred to us anymore? Salt island and now Dog Town too?
    I am old and remember when we valued what God has created and we treated it with respect! What has been allowed to happen to Cape Ann is breaking my heart. I put myself through college by working at Oleana’s restaurant – My Uncle and Aunt have trails named after them in Dog Town! Poor Cape Ann my heart is breaking for you!

  2. bbboudreau

    Thank you Kim. I am in that group and was planning to join, but for some reason, my speakers won’t work, so there’s no point. Horrible what they are “planning.” We can only hope that the opposition to the project will be sufficient.

  3. Nancy Shaw

    Thank you once again for letting us know about the meeting cancellation. They are trying to wear us down! We can’t let this happen, if there is still any hope left! We appreciate all that you do to help keep Cape Ann lovely. Thank you!


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