Although St. Peter’s Fiesta has been canceled this year due to the global pandemic, if you would like to pray the novena to St. Peter, Day Eight is now available on YouTube. My friend Patty wrote and said she is finding listening very soothing and I couldn’t agree more. Please share.

The beautiful voices of the novena are Jean Marie Linquata, Ann Sanfillippo, Joanne Aiello, Nina Groppo, Grace Cusumano, Caryn Ryder, and Faye Quinlan

To view, click on the arrow in the center of the video and share at  []

Photos below of Saint Peter’s Fiesta Sunday morning procession, 2019

Day Seven photos from Nonna, What is St. Peter’s Fiesta 2019 Gloucester Stage Production

Day Six photos from the 2019 Friday Opening Ceremony are posted here

Day Five photos from the 2019 Sunday Mass are posted here

Day Four photos from the 2018 novena are posted here

 Day Three photos from the 2019 novena are posted here


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