My friend JoAnn Sousa wrote this lovely note about her friend Carol Lee and her shop, Carol Lee’s Cottage. I thought it so sweet and that is why I am sharing the note in its entirety –

JoAnn writes,

“I am so glad you have your own blog – wonderful.

I’ve have been mesmerized by your incredible wildlife photos for years and you have heightened my interest in birds.

I realize you may be primarily focused on Gloucester and totally understand and I trust you have a long lists of subjects to cover. I wanted to mention a shop in Rockport , Carol Lee’s Cottage. Carol Lee Kelliher owns it (she has no idea I’m writing to you) and I am always taken by the variety and quality of goods she has. For instance she has a collection of kids tee shirts and long sleeve that have heros on them such as Jane Goodall, Madam Curie etc – I think she’s the only one in NE with the line. She was also one of the first to carry masks. Great jewelry at reasonable prices, cute dresses, it goes on and on. Personally I think she’s the nicest shop on the neck.

If you have any interest you can check out the store and her background story on FB or Her personality matches her colorful goods and she has a nice following.

Anyway, they opened up Bearskin Neck today, curbside pick ups at the restaurants and stores and I thought I’d pass along some info on this little jewel of a store. She’s doing curbside/mailing etc.

Stay well and congrats!”

Thank you JoAnn for sharing! And thank you for your kind comments. I am interested in posting about any small business with their coronavirus endeavors. It’s such a tough time and I admire the resourcefulness and resiliency of so many trying so hard to stay afloat during this most challenging of time.

The children’s tees do look especially wonderful and I Love her selection Turkish beach towels – you are so spot on, her products are wonderfully colorful and fun! Here are some images from Carol’s website, where you can do your online shopping HERE



    You are too funny..and oh so sweet.

    I didn’t know if you’d have any interest much less take action….and presto! and wasn’t expecting to be quoted, lol. I suspected you’d be drawn to her unique and colorful goods with your design and art background and appreciate what she’s doing. When she first got the masks from an artist friend/vendor in CA, she sold 60 overnight from her FB – with no mark up. Just doing it for the community.

    When I saw the post today I immediately emailed Carol Lee and said “Lucy has “some ‘splainin’ to do!”

    Thanks again. Confidentially, she had a busy day. A photographer who works for the Peabody Museum happened by and took pics (she has a colorful store front and flower boxes) , was documenting for some sort of virtual presentation regarding the virus. And of course she bought something curbside because CL’s stuff is kind of hard to resist.

    And then the police drove by because they were concerned that she was open for business…which she wasn’t – just curbside.

    Aye yai yai! Have a sweet night and thank you for your beautiful’s such a refreshing breath of fresh air.

    And if you need any plover help – holler!



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