A new series for my readers, where we simply highlight good people doing good things <3.

Write with some good news you would like to share. You can either comment in the comment section or send an email to No act of kindness is too small to go unnoticed!

Today a huge shout out goes to Chad and his son Oscar. I spotted them from across the beach. Chad was methodically taking in tons of garbage and his little son’s blond curly head was bobbing along. When I got closer, I noticed Oscar had his own trash pick-up stick. Thank you Chad and Oscar for helping to keep Good Harbor Beach and the surrounding marsh and roadway clean of garbage

I’ve mentioned my friend Karen Gorczyca and her husband Mark Andreasson from Design Communication Ltd., or DCL, because they recently began diverting resources in their fabrication facilities to making and producing Personal Protection Equipment parts and face shields. On Friday, they made a custom delivery to the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (BHCHP) and donated 50 face shields that were made in their Avon facility.

I just think this is the best, manufacturing and employing people in Massachusetts, and with Heart!

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