Happy International Women’s Day from these beautiful (and brave) Gloucester women <3

Photos by Dani Shirtcliff

Sara McKinnon writes,
My name is Sara McKinnon from Happyhealthyhumanity.com. I co-hosted this incrediby HIGH VIBE event with Treetop Yoga studio. I have been Wild Swimming every single day, sometimes twice a day through the winter. My friend Jessica McGovern and I started our Wim Hof Cold Exposure journey back in October for the health benefits. Since then, it has grown and expanded across Cape Ann in ways we never imagined. It has been such a huge gift in all of our lives. We call ourselves “The Wild Swimmers of Cape Ann.” Breaking through fear and limiting beliefs one swim at a time.
Our Sunrise Swim at Good Harbor Beach for International Women’s Day was inspired by Wild Swimmers of Scottland, their book Taking the Plunge, and their swim last year which attracted 70 women. This year women all across the globe swam in community today at Sunrise. We were the only ones participating in the entire United States! Representing in a big way in our beautiful Gloucester.
Dani Shirtcliff of Shirtcliff Photography took this gorgeous photo. The photo includes all who swam and some who also participated didnt make it into the picture. Swimmers included- Sara McKinnon, Jessica McGovern,  Silvie Lockerova,  Julie Upton, Laurie Fleming, Michelle Barton, Ivana Ustariz, Brandeis Wright Conroy, Danette Verga, Tracey Richie, Nicole Sweeney Duckworth, Stephanie Hurley McQuillan, Mandy Davis, Leah Hunter, Whitney Connolly, Kathleen O’Shea, Sandra Qu, Karen Conant, Jenny Davis, Danielle Babin and her mother.
We represented health and wellness institutions across Cape Ann such as Happy Healthy Humanity, Silvie Lockerova Healing, Streamline Pilates, Cape Ann Cross Fit, and Treetop Yoga Studio and more.
Wild Women Woman Awakened and Happy Healthy Humanity both have new shows through 1623 studios. Look for Julie Upton’s segment on Wild Swimming coming soon
Health, Happiness and Hugs,

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