Dear Friends,

There has been more interest than anticipated in Monarch eggs. Thank you to everyone for writing!

At present, Jane has over 100 caterpillars in her kitchen terrariums. These will become butterflies within the month, and each female that emerges will lay between 300 to 700 eggs. I’ve compiled a list of everyone who left a comment. We are thrilled and grateful readers are so interested in helping raise Monarchs this summer. I will contact all as soon as Jane has a new batch of freshly laid Monarch eggs.

In the meantime, I am going to type up some FAQs. I also suggest using a glass rectangular fish tank/terrarium, with a fitted screen top, for rearing the caterpillars. If you don’t have one, they are available at our local pet stores. Also, a package of cheese cloth. Along with a plentiful supply of milkweed, that’s all you will need.

Thank you again and we’ll be in touch. <3

2 thoughts on “MONARCH EGGS UPDATE

  1. Cheryl McKeough

    Thank you, Kim! I have all the supplies you mentioned, and we’re so excited at this opportunity!

  2. Cheryl Forster Cahill

    Hi Kim
    I raised 45 monarch cats this past year. I am going to get a set of stickers this time. I will collect on my own. Also I followed your lead on black swallowtails. All 12 I wintered over hatched. Loved it. Have planted plenty of fennel and dill for them this year. They hatched just like you said around lilac time.
    Happy summer


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