Save the Date: Kim Smith at the Cape Ann Museum!

Join documentary filmmaker and photographer Kim Smith, creator of Beauty on the Wing: The Life Story of the Monarch Butterfly on Second Saturday Cape Ann Museum Kids. Learn all about the life story of the Monarch and how you can help the butterfly on its migration. The program runs from 10am to noon. To register, contact

Families of school aged children visit free on Second Saturday mornings. Visit the galleries, join a workshop, and more!

Monarch Butterfly Emerging

1 thought on “Save the Date: Kim Smith at the Cape Ann Museum!

  1. Micha Peterson

    Hello there, Kim. I was browsing Google for butterfly photography, and happened upon your blog. I love your work, and I would like to ask permission to use one of your monarch butterfly photos on a website that I am creating for my poetry and writings called “The Musings of a Butterfly”. I would, of course, give a link back to your blog. If you would please email me yea or nay? Thank you very much!


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