My What Big Feet You Have Hedwig

A Snowy Owl’s feet are covered in feathers, providing insulation against Arctic temperatures–just like a pair of warm fluffy slippers.

Hedwig left her perch and walked over to a patch of snow, which she proceeded to eat. She also washes her face and feet in snow patches.

6 thoughts on “My What Big Feet You Have Hedwig

  1. Christine Callahan

    Dear Kim Smith, I have been enthralled?, entranced?, moved?, overwhelmed?….well let’s just say I LOVE your photos and the way they capture the world of nature and sky. So first let me say – thank you. My husband and I have driven many times along the south shore Bass Rocks location in search of a glimpse…. or even a “glimp”… of the wonderful Hedwig. Would it be possible for you to share a hint about where to focus our search? Thought the boarded-up window and the white railing where she perched might be a clue but we could not spot the house😟. We’ve been there mostly midday and late afternoon. It would be a thrill. ❤️ Many thanks, Chris Callahan in Rockport.

  2. Kim Smith

    Hi Christine, Thank you for your lovely comments, so very much appreciated. For the past week or so she has been reluctant to hang out on the rocks because of the crows and gulls I think. She is perching on the railings at the two hotels that are next to the Elks Club. Your best chance to see her is late in the day when she is getting ready to fly off to hunt. She has been leaving later and later in the day, almost at sunset, again because of the crows I imagine, which are pretty much settled in for the night by sunset.

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