Beautiful Indian Summer Light

Scenes from around Niles Pond and Brace Cove October

Painted Turtle Niles Pond ©Kim Smith 2015Painted Turtle

Cattails in the wind ©Kim Smith ©2015Catinninetails in the wind

Brace Cove ©Kim Smith 2015Gulls departing Brace Cove after the storm

Great Blue heron Gull Seals Brace cove ©Kim Smith 2015Great Blue Heron, seals, and gull

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Song Sparrow and Finch ©Kim Smith 2015Song Sparrow and FinchCattails in the wind -2 ©Kim Smith 2015

1 thought on “Beautiful Indian Summer Light

  1. Louise35

    So thrilled to be on you list to receive your posts. I have a turtle collection; I bought myself a cute enamel turtle back about 20 years ago….and now everyone buys me turtles. The reason I bought that little turtle is… I found a poster with a saying on it…. “A turtle only moves ahead by sticking out his neck.” Bingo, that was my motto, to push me ahead when I felt timid or insecure about something… I was holding me back, afraid to move ahead. So, that line got me moving ahead, so many times and now I just do it. I stick out my neck and love the results. Love your turtle…. love all you do. Louise


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