Happy Women’s History Month! Brought to You By Hannah Kimberley

On Sunday, March 3rd, thousands of women attended the Centennial Women’s Suffrage March, and walked  from the Capitol to the Washington Monument in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 1913 Women’s Suffrage March in which Alice Paul and many other suffragists demanded the right to vote the day before President Wilson’s inauguration in Washington D.C.  Read More About Annie Smith Peck and Hannah Kimberley on Hannah’s Blog.

suffrage-protest-1Hannah Scialdone-Kimberley is a professor of English and author currently creating a biography on Annie Smith Peck (she is also married to GMG’s own Craig Kimberley).  I had the pleasure to meet Hannah when she and Craig came to dinner, and very much enjoyed learning a bit about her biography-in-progress about Annie Smith Peck. About her interest in Peck, Hannah writes, “I first learned about Peck in 2007 via a poster that my father purchased for me in an antique shop that displays an image of her in her climbing costume and reads, “A Woman’s Place Is at the Top.” I had never before heard of Peck, but the image of her in her climbing costume was so striking that I set out to see who she was and what she had accomplished. After a bit of research, I became completely enthralled with Peck’s accomplishments, including her scholarship, her climbing career, her role in politics, and her longstanding commitment to the advancement of women’s rights.”  Annie Smith Peck Blo

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