Sunday Greasy Pole 2013: Walking for Loved Ones and Former Champs

Nicky Avelis captures the flag for the third year in a row. Avelis dedicated his win to family friend and St. Peter’s Fiesta legend Sleepy Pallazolla. Congratulations Nicky!

I love filming this event for many reasons–to capture the camaraderie, the hilarity, and mostly because of the the true grit and determined spirits of the Greasy Pole Walkers. It takes tremendous courage to keep walking. To all the Greasy Pole Walkers–may you all have the glory of a win!


Viva la Vida ~ Coldplay
Rockaway Beach ~ Ramones
You Shook Me All Night Long ~ ACDC
Dude Looks Like a Lady ~ Aerosmith
Thrift Shop ~ Macklemoe & Ryan Lewis
Can’ Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Thunderstruck ~ ACDC
Livin’ On a Prayer ~ Bon Jovi

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