Gloucester Schooner Festival

Dedicated to Kay Ellis

Highlights from Gloucester’s magnificent Schooner Festival, including the schooner welcome, Parade of Sail, the schooner race from a rocky cliff outpost, awards ceremony where Fly Amero and Daisy Nell honor Kay with a song, Daisy tells a funny joke, Adventure Captain Stefan Edick wins a special award, fireworks from Stage Fort Park, and more. The film opens with scenes of Cape Ann schooners, participating schooners, and Gloucester fishing boats, taken all around Gloucester Harbor during the weekend of the festival.
With special thanks to Al Bezanson, Daisy Nell, and Schooner Welcome Committee members Brett Ramsey, Max Ramsey, and Nick Ramsey.
The Gloucester Schooner Festival is held each year over Labor Day weekend and organized by Maritime Gloucester and the Gloucester Schooner Festival Committee. The Schooner Festival celebrates the role the fishing schooner has played in the maritime heritage of the east coast, especially Cape Ann.
2016 Particpating Schooners and Captains
Adventure – Stefan Edick
Ardelle – Harold Burnham
American Eagle – John Foss
Apella – Dan Hall
Bald Eagle – Paul Cole/Judith Nast
Blackbird – Peter Thompson
Columbia – Karl Joyner
Eileen Marie – Peter Houston
Fame – Mike Rutstein (not raccing)
Green Dragon – Andy Bezanson
Hindu – Josh Rowan
Ishmael – Fred and Sarah Murphy
Istar – Josiah Mayo
Lettie Howard – Colin Graham
Liberty Clipper – Dylan Saltzman
Light Reign – Mike Lawrence
Malabar II – James Lobdell
Narwhal – Bob Bernert
Principles – Derek Durling
Redbird – Daisy Nell/Stan Collinson
Roseway – Tom Ryan
Sugar Babe – Ed Boynton
Thomas Lannon – Heath Ellis
Tree of Life – Paul Morse
Tyrone – Matt Sutphin