Mug Up on Rocky Neck is Nearing an End

E.J. writes from Good Morning Gloucester:

The Grand Finale Mug Up on October 2nd, will include the First Annual GMG Bloody Mary Competition.  Judges will include Fred “Reigning ATGA Champ” Bodin (replacing Mayor Kirk who has a campaign breakfast conflict), Charity “I might look sweet but I love Bloody Marys” Ciaramitaro, Maureen “I’ve seen my fair share of the bottoms of Bloody Mary glasses” Malloy, and Wendie “It must be 5:00pm somewhere” Demuth (whose idea it was to do a Bloody Mary Competition and was the first one to volunteer to be a judge).  So start refining your recipes (Bob Ryan, we are looking for an entry from you with your Beauport Vodka).  Stevie Black has already announced that he is having things “shipped in” for his Bloody Mary entry (and take home the 3rd blue ribbon – he and partner, Gigi Mederos won the deviled egg competition as well), and Madfish’s Chef Jeff is looking to go head to head with him, so we need a herd of dark horses to arrive on the scene and shake things up a bit.

Tyler, Tyler’s Mom, and Alicia

Even if you don’t like Bloody Marys, there will be deviled eggs, coffee and whatever else people bring to contribute to the event (which is always a cornucopia of great stuff), so come and have a great time  – everyone is welcome and there’s no problem parking down here now.  Don’t let the season end with you saying to yourself that you always wished you’d gone to a GMG Mug Up.

E.J. Lefavour

Sinikka and Family from Sinikka’s opening

Adam, Joey, Ed, Paul, and E.J.


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