Thanks Good Morning Gloucester!

Every morning after our son heads off to school I finish my cup of tea in front of the computer with my favorite blog, Good Morning Gloucester. I love this blog, not only because of the terrific content created by first-rate contributors Joey, EJ, Manny, Felicia, Kathleen, Laurie, et al., but because Joey, the creator of GMG, is truly a genius when it comes to using social media for what I believe to be it’s intended and very best purpose.

Joey Ciaramitaro Gloucester Massachusetts

I am new to blogging from an iPad and cannot for the life of me figure out how to add a handy link to GMG here, but scroll down my blog roll, to the right, to find a link to GMG, where, for example, you will find recent postings on the beautiful and gloriously decorated St. Joseph novenas, along with Sefatia Romeo Thekan telling the stories that accompany the tradition, video footage and information about the dolphin and harbor porpoise seen recently swimming in the harbor, a follow up letter from the meeting with the architects, Cambridge Seven Associates, who are designing the new Gloucester Harbor Walk, and much, much more, and always illuminated with photos and paintings of our gorgeous surrounds, created by GMG contributors.

Thanks Joey for the inspiration, for sharing your view of Cape Ann’s beautiful culture, and for always keeping it real!

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